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casas balticas
jose martinez
Dear Misters, We are a Spanish company that is currently looking for a wholesale wood supplier that can supply us with the types of wood that we indicate below in this letter. Our idea is to have a long-term business relationship if the quality of the products is good and also the prices are good. In principle it is to send to the south of Spain, province of Malaga. We hope that you will answer us and tell us if you can supply us with these types of wood, prices, ………and if not, that you also give us an answer, Sincerely Joseph Sales manager GL24H laminated beams GL Laminated Beams In autoclave. 50 / 100mm 60 / 120mm Beams Kvh in 50 / 100 mm 60 / 120mm Battens in autoclave 40 / 60 30 / 50 Staves (Dovetail boards for cladding) Exterior thickness 2.5 mm
Silvana gallery
Lino audinys
Pažįstama galerijos savininkė teiravosi ar būtų galima pradėti importuoti Lino audinį iš Lietuvos į JAV vakarinę pakrantę, Kalifornija. Dabar ji naudoja Kinietišką produktą, pažįsta gamintojus Olandijoje ir Prancūzijoje. Gaminiai iš Lino gaminami Amerikoje. Ji prekiauja per savo internetinę parduotuvę. Minėjo, kad jei bendradarbiavimas įvyktų ir būtų sklandus, būtų galima ne tik didinti apimtis, bet ir perkelti gamybą į Lietuvą, t.y. importuoti ne tik audinį, bet ir gaminius. Prisegu aprašymą. Susisiekite, jei domina šita galimybė arba jei turite klausimų. Pagarbiai, Dainius Jurevičius 100% flax Linen textile supplier/manufacturer that can export from Lithuania to US. We are interested in 5.5oz (180-200gsm) and 7oz (200-220gsm) We are looking for 10-15 colours totalling 1000 meters for now and then we will keep ordering more. It’ll also work if the supplier/manufacturer sells us PFD linens (off-white) so we can dye it ourselves here in US. Important to have a consistent sup
Mesipuu Grupp OÜ
Our goal and mission is to bring together onto the Factory.Sale platform for manufacturers and the region's only representatives to create a competitive collaboration between the end user and the manufacturer. Factory Sale is an online inquiry platform where the end user submits a request based on a project or in the form of a desired product and the manufacturer (s) submit a quote. FS is currently active in Sweden, Finland and Estonia, but plans to expand globally in the future. At the moment we are heading to Scandinavia to market domestic innovative products such as Sauna, Straipu lamps, etc. Polish, Finnish and Estonian manufacturers can be found on our website. Our advantages: - Fast project analysis, communication with factories and delivery - Best value for money - Modernized IT solutions Our values and what is important to us: - Honest, responsible and direct administration - Collaborative - Creativity, simplicity and innovation - Simplicity and innovation Ho