Electronics and laser industry

Learn more about Lithuania's high-tech engineering capabilities

Lithuania’s high-tech engineering industry is fully prepared to deliver innovative world-class solutions to foreign partners. With production of the sector growing by an average of 17% per year, one of Lithuania’s strongest areas of achievement is in electronics and laser technology. Niches like defense and medical electronics are expanding as well as high-end consumer electronics and computing storage.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Lithuanian high-tech engineering sector in this video:

Lithuania’s high-tech engineering strengths:

  • High competence in outsourced manufacturing projects
  • Specialization in laser, optical and semi-conductor products
  • Global leadership in applying fundamental research to manufacturing
  • Robotic solutions from concept to fully operational system

Top Numbers

  • ~ 1%
    of Lithuania’s GDP generated by the sector
  • 22%
    of industry growth in 2020
  • 57%
    share of exports to the EU
  • 95
    out of the 100 top global universities use Lithuanian lasers
  • 85%
    of high-tech engineering production is exported
  • Over 120
    successful satellite missions
  • 15%
    of exports to Germany
  • 13%
    of exports to the USA

Fast development of new technologies as well as uncompromised adaptation of innovations are main features of Lithuanian high technology manufacturers. Most Lithuanian high- tech engineering companies are SME, so it is easy to quickly re-orientate and adapt to market needs, overall global situation and trends.

World-wide renowned products and companies: