Metal and plastic processing, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

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Lithuanian engineering industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Lithuania. It is highly competitive in terms of cost and quality, and it is well-integrated into the global supply chains. Lithuanian companies can offer solutions from subcontracting to the end-user product manufacturing. They specializes in the industrial equipment, automotive components, electronics and renewable energy. If foreign companies seek to shorten and diversify their production chains, they should turn their eyes to Lithuania, which is within EU economic zone and has a stable political environment. Lithuanian engineering companies are being a part of Industry 4.0, they have an extensive experience working with automotive companies in Europe. Digital transformation, innovations, R&D, automation are integrated in the processes and are being promoted as priorities on the state level.

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Lithuania’s engineering industry strengths

  • Integration into international value chains
  • High competence in outsourced manufacturing projects
  • Broad client network around the world
  • Ability to create individual solutions from design to production

Top Numbers

  • 1/5 of GDP
    generated by engineering sector
  • 75 %
    share of exports to the EU
  • 11
    manufacturing and engineering clusters
  • 28 %
    of export accounts to rubber and plastic products
  • 22 %
    of export accounts to fabricated metal products
  • 14 %
    of export accounts to electrical equipment
  • 14 %
    export to Sweden
  • 14 %
    export to Germany

One of the major qualities of Lithuanian manufacturers is their flexibility and excellence. Most Lithuanian engineering companies are SME, so it is easy to quickly re-orientate and adapt to clients’ needs, produce both in small as well as large quantities, adapt to overall global situation and trends. In addition, Lithuania has high standards of the Northern Europe alike business culture: versatile and reliable business relations, motivated and highly skilled workforce, high quality and innovation are the dominating characteristics. That is visible in the R&D expenditure that has been significantly raising in the past 10 years.

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