Furniture industry

Co-creation through creativity, flexibility, and quality

Lithuanian furniture manufacturers are known for their flexibility and capability to supply creative, sustainable solutions and embrace modern design. The range of products is broad, primarily due to cherished long-lasting industry traditions and technological advancement. A high-quality mix of things to sit on, sleep in, and eat at is ordered by foreign partners in more than 100 countries.

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Lithuania’s furniture industry strengths

  • Modern production facilities
  • Up-to-date design solutions
  • Competitive and highly developed manufacturing industry
  • Time-honored traditions

Top Numbers

  • ~1000
    companies in the industry
  • ~2.5%
    of Lithuania‘s GDP generated by the sector
  • 76%
    share of exports to the EU
  • ~⅔
    of export accounts to wooden furniture
  • 8,1 %
    average annual export growth rate
  • 17,6 %
    of exports to Sweden
  • 11,5 %
    of exports to Germany

Several factors have determined recent trends in the European furniture market: rapid economic growth and rising personal income stimulate the demand for furniture made according to individual orders; the growing EU population and the diminishing living space increase the demand for multifunctional, mobile, space-saving furniture (the sofa-bed, uplifted, folding beds and coffee tables, folding tables, even mobile kitchen sets); the lifestyle changes increase the demand for home office furniture. All these factors created favorable conditions for further development of the Lithuanian furniture industry, producing furniture according to individual orders and manufacturing the mass production of furniture in the EU market and beyond.

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