Food industry

Take a closer look at a new standard in food production

The food sector produces a major share, more than 20% of the total value created by Lithuanian producers. The most developed food processing subsectors are milk, meat and grain processing. Also the organic food sector in Lithuania has been rapidly developing in the past decades. Top-selling products for organic food in Lithuanian is bread and cereal products, milk and dairy products and vegetables.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Lithuanian food and beverages sector in this video:

Lithuania’s food and beverages industry strengths

  • Safety and quality, in accordance with EU market regulations
  • Development of modern food manufacturing
  • Ability to produce in small batches
  • Long-standing production traditions

Top Numbers

  • 50-80%
    private label production
  • >130
    export markets
  • ~3.8%
    of Lithuania‘s GDP generated by the sector
  • €2.3
    bn export value in 2020
  • 13%
    of exports to Germany
  • 12%
    of exports to Poland
  • 10%
    of exports to Latvia
  • 7.4%
    of exports to the UK

As more and more consumers look for healthier food options that make them feel good and help them maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle, the Lithuanian food industry is seeking innovative alternatives to deliver value.

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