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Stuart Energy, UAB
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We believe that intelligent energy management is the key to a sustainable future. The main goal of our company is the development of innovative and affordable charging and energy management systems for electric car owners and businesses. STUART’s product line consists of durable, high-quality charging, and energy management products: • STUART Car Charger - Designed for both - solar PV and electric grid connection. • STUART Charging Management Platform • STUART Energy Management Solution • STUART Powerboard - An AI-powered mastermind developed to enhance the effective use of clean energy and optimize consumption in modular homes.

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STUART Car Charger

STUART car chargers and energy management systems are available for both electric car owners and businesses. The functional design of the STUART charging station is suitable for wall or ground mounting and can be easily installed in under a few minutes. STUART Car Charger features a type 2 socket with a nominal voltage of 230V for single-phase and 400V- three-phase output. A user- friendly LED ring around the socket is designed for quick indication of charging status. Equipped with multiple communication channels: WIFI, Ethernet, GSM, PLC, RS-485, OCCP, STUART can be linked to the powerboard, STUART software, and other smart house appliances.