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Unmanned Defense Systems, UAB
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Defence and security
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Unmanned Defence Systems develops and manufactures tactical military drones. Based on an advanced modular system, our drones provide cost-effectiveness and real-world durability for modern conflict management, which ensures superiority and enhanced safety on the battlefield.

Current export markets:
Export turnover: 100%
  • Ukraine
  • 10-49 Employees
  • 2022Year of establishment
UDS Catfish UAV (Nato class I)

Target drone. The primary purpose of the missions is to protect high-value drones (e.g. Bayraktar) and to expose the locations of enemy anti-aircraft defense systems (after a missile is fired). During operations, a drone or drone swarm is launched in areas where enemy systems are likely to be present and the use of a high-value drone is too dangerous. The drones are also used to reconnaissance the situation to verify if the enemy has active anti-aircraft defense systems in the area. Reconnaissance drones. UDS reconnaissance drones are known for their effectiveness in real frontline conditions and their low cost. Aircraft operate in a GPS-denied environment and in a situation where radio communication is jammed. UAV has a range of 60 km and is undetectable by enemy radars, being able to reconnaissance an area of up to 2000 hectares during a mission. If required, UDS reconnaissance UAV can be equipped with an advanced mapping camera and a thermal camera.

Product capacity
  • 500 pc/year
  • Ukrainian ministry of defence, GO Aerorozvidka
  • License for repair of arms, alteration of arms and ammunition
  • License for the production of weapons, category A weapon ammunition, their parts
  • License for the manufacture of arms, A category arms accessories, ammunition and their parts
  • Eurosatory