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Thinking Organisations, UAB
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UNLOCK Tests is an online human resources (HR) assessment and testing platform developed by company “Thinking Organizations”. Professional, scientifically proven tests, tailored to business needs, allow companies to select suitable candidates for job vacancies, assess the competences, skills and personality traits of current employees and delegate the most appropriate tasks to them, creating strong, efficient and motivated teams (personality test, 360 employee evaluation - feedback, numerical and logical skills test, error checking ability test, employee engagement and experience test, leadership skills test). The UNLOCK Tests platform contains all the necessary tools that allow companies and organizations to make decisions in the field of human resources management (HR). Grow with your team: take care of your employees professionally, competently, creatively and honestly, creating an internal organizational culture that benefits everyone. Satisfied employees build a successful organization.

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Export turnover: 20%
  • Latvia
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  • 2014Year of establishment
The future of Employee Assessment

- personality test - personal employee traits and skills - panoramic test - 360 employee evaluation and feedback - numerical ability test - employee numerical and logical skills - error checking ability test - employee engagement and experience test - leadership skills test