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Tututis, UAB
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Apparel and textile and leather industry
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Our history reaches back to 1994 when a new company selling children and baby products was incorporated. Its main goal was to provide mothers and fathers with what they needed the most for their babies as well as to ensure that the chosen product was reliable, convenient, durable and cost-effective. Naturally, it did not take us long to come to the idea of opening our own baby carriage factory. And so, in 1998 our first baby carriage strolled out into the streets. Eventually, it became the main activity of the company. Today, it wouldn't be too much to say that more than one generation of babies has literally grown up in the Tutis baby carriages. Meanwhile, the company has been growing along with the babies: having reached a great success in the Lithuanian market, it did not hesitate much to earn international recognition for its essentially original product, the Tutis Zippy travel system. Many years of experience, refined traditions and impeccable quality combined together with crea

Current export markets:
Export turnover: 95%
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • 4M-8M Turnover, €
  • 50-99 Employees
  • 1999Year of establishment
Developer and manufacturer of equipment for babies

Convertible baby strollers