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Vingės Transsphere Logistika
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Transport and logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Customs services

UAB Vingės Transsphere Logistika (VTL) is a logistics company established in 2005. VTL belongs to the VINGĖS LOGISTIKOS GRUPĖ company consortium. The company’s activities have been targeted to a long-term development and growth in the field of logistics. Services provided in the logistics complex of UAB Vingės Transsphere Logistika ensure the optimum inter-coordination of all links of the logistics chain, offering the cost saving logistics solutions for customers, including: warehousing and cargo storage, recipient-specific labeling, excise marks, repackaging, sorting, weighing, quality control, customs brokerage and other related 3PL services. The complex is strategically located to ensure perfect communication routes between the major Lithuanian cities. This logistics centre is located side by side with the highway Vilnius–Kaunas (A1) at a distance of 22 km and 75 km from Vilnius and Kaunas respectively. T-E-A-M : Тogether Еveryone Аchieves Мore!

Current export markets:
Export turnover: 50%
  • Belarus
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • 2M-4M Turnover, €
  • 50-99 Employees
  • 2005Year of establishment
Logistics services

* Recipient-specific labeling, excise marks, repackaging, sorting, weighing, quality control; * Customs brokerage; * Warehousing services; * Logistics services and 3PL logistics.

  • Certificate of phytosanitary register
  • Certificate of food operator approval
  • Certificate of warehouse suitable for plant production
  • AEO permit holder
  • Authorization to hold animal products in transit which do not meet the EU requirements
  • Authorization for the holder of the goods to present the goods at a place acceptable to customs
  • Authorized consignee status (ACE)
  • Authorized consignee status for TIR operations (ACT)
  • Authorized consignor status (ACR)
  • Authorization for temporary storage of goods (TST)
  • Authorization to have warehouses for customs warehousing of goods (CW1)
  • Quality control
  • 2015 Gazelė - Viena sėkmingiausiai dirbančių ir sparčiausiai augančių Lietuvos bendrovių
  • Vingės logistikos grupė